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Tie Me UP, Cased Closed

Tie Me UP, Cased Closed

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 I major ed in Art first at college, and then switched to Fashion Design. Love this fabric since it looks like brush strokes to me, and I love painting. It is 100% Rayon Short Sleeve .
Blouse. White with yellow and black paint brush print.


Sandra Day O’Connor, First Woman on the Supreme Court served from
1981-2006. She received law
degrees from Stanford University. Unable to find employment in a law firm because she was a woman , despite her academic achievements , one firm offered her a job as
a secretary, she became a Deputy District Attorney in San Mateo County,
California. She later served as a civil Attorney for the U.S. Army
1954-1957. An extraordinary PEARL that needed to be found, and thank
God she kept trying and finally made it. Don’t let anyone take your PEARL

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