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Classic Curves -Dress Trimmed in Gold

Classic Curves -Dress Trimmed in Gold

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 Sometimes I just want to dance like no one is looking, and feel like I'm flying at the same time. This amazing dress gives you that dancing feeling, and it really moves! I love roses and this print was perfect for this dress. Wrapped in roses and gold perfect for a Queen!


This dress is 100% cotton foil printed roses and trees in Black, White and
Gold. It is fitted in the bodice, and has a flared skirt with GOLD 7” on the
bottom of the hemline. It is a fun dress that gives you the desire to dance.
When you find this PEARL it is GOLDEN.

Delloreese Patricia Early, known professionally as Della Reese, was an American jazz and gospel singer, actress, and ordained minister whose
career spanned seven decades. 

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