How our garments are made

First Step

CONCEPT: Designer goes through various and ideas on paper. Once they have an idea they like they will use a cheap fabric around a dress form. This is called draping..

Second Step

DEVELOPMENT: Pattern maker comes on board to assist the designer by creating a digital pattern or sometimes a paper pattern. A muslin sample is used for fit testing and designed to function like the finished piece. Next, the designer will source the fabric which can take a lot of time, sometimes months to find the perfect material. We strive to find natural fabrics and DEADSTOCK fabrics so we can help protect our planet from unnecessary waist.After final fabric is purchased 1st sample is made  for the photo shoot for the catalog.

Third Step

PRODUCTION: Sample made, sizing is chosen, and grading is done for each size. We choose to produce SMALL RUNS so you don’t see yourself going and coming, and also we don’t add to our overwhelmed landfills.