About the Designer

I'm a military brat all the way, and I was born in Tacoma , Washington at McCord Air Force Base after my father returned from the Korean War.
When I was a young girl my mother would have books from around the world shipped to us with stickers that could be used to "dress"  the people in them. Through our journeys I learned a lot about different countries around the world getting a good understanding of the landscapes, clothing, and language. This lead to my fascination with other cultures and people all of over the world.
I have lived all over the US. and the world including Africa and India.
Even in my young age I began sewing and designing for my barbie dolls and later my own cloths. 



I Attended Florida State University and received a B.S. in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Early Childhood Education as well. All this after my senior high counselor told me and my mother I wasn't college material. So I decided to prove them wrong and many others by graduating from college with honors in Fashion Design.

I started my Fashion career at Lord and Taylors', Macy's and Neiman Marcus where I designed children's clothing at the time.


After getting married I decided to make raising a family my priority. Now after many years of hiatus my children have inspired and encouraged me to get back into fashion.

My desire is that our company is respectful, faithful, community oriented, youthful, adventurous, inspiring, and sophisticated!

I want our customer to say --- Don't tell us what's age appropriate,
Don't challenge our feelings of independence.
Focus on our lives, not our age!