About HiddenPEARLS

HiddenPearls llc was born out of a deep conviction to produce ageless, timeless, and sophisticated clothing.

Most women don't know their worth in society and we want to dress every woman like a QUEEN. 

We believe all queens wear PEARLS and we want every woman to look a feel like a queen when she walks out on her runway in life.

After volunteering for 23 years at a battered woman's shelter DL knows how important it is to so many.  

We work hard to provide sustainable natural fabrics with low-impact dyes. 
Our items never use any animal products. They are Myah approved. (our model Husky)
We are a fair trade business and strive for honesty, and transparency in everything we do.
We strive for affordably made clothes that are timeless and beautiful for years to come. 
We work with small family owned businesses in the USA, India, and China. We believe that family and small businesses are the back bone of every country and that people working together to form long lasting relationships makes the world smaller and better.
Visiting our factories has allowed us to see the work in process and make sure all the employees are treated well.


   DL, the senior designer for the brand , attended FSU Fashion College where she earned degrees in both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. She gets most of her inspiration from nature. She enjoys hiking most days with her Siberian Husky, Myah.  You will find Myah in several of her photo shoots. 

You can see all designs on the Instagram site @shophiddenpearls.